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. >> the leftovers are moving to nornorth and in arkansas and missouri they have seen almost two inches of rain. almost two inches in some locations. that will continue dumping rainfall right there and it will spread east toward us and could affect our weekend plans. it's 93 degrees in the district, 86 in winchester 82 in hagerstown. mostly sunny today. mid 90's for most of us. we could see if you upper 90s especially south of town. a few isolated neighborhoods that's possible. this shows the showers and storms from kansas city down through parts of arkansas and little rock today. as for chicago, 94 degrees. sunshine and 95 in omaha. 97 in dallas. the weekend forecast straight ahead. >> while romney will not travel to battleground virginia, paul ryan will, scheduled to speak at 2:00 in richmond. >> this comes after an emotional high for mitt romney and a clint eastwood speech last night. it was back to the campaign trail today for mitt romney and paul ryan. i need to have you do the work on november 6 that gets reelected the next president of united states. and has to happen in florida. they he
to fame from small-town arkansas and his thoughts on the state of american culture. we are glad you can join us. coming up right now. >> every community has a martin luther king boulevard. it's the cornerstone we all know. it's not just a street or boulevard, but a place where walmart stands together with your community to make every day better. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. tavis: pleased to welcome billy bob thornton to this program. the award-winning actor and writer has teamed up with another colorful son of the southwest, kinky friedman, for a new book about his life and career, called "the billy bob tapes: a cave full of ghosts." ooh. cave full of ghosts, billy bob? >> yeah, well, it's actually a song title of ours. tavis: yeah, yeah. >> yeah, i figure that's a good way to say it when you're talking about your past and whatnot. so it was -- i never wanted to write a book, and people have asked me for years to do it, but what they want's some gossipy celebrity book, and i just wouldn't do that, but kinky said, "hey, why don't you just
right, isaac is moving toward arkansas but without a lot of steam and let's go to sue palka in the weather center now. >> reporter: the wind department is down to 35 miles per hour. the hurricane center will no longer be issuing advisorys on depression isaac. let me tell you, it's going to be known as the rain maker and a lot of river flooding will go on in arkansas while not getting the wind that they got in louisiana and miss sippy. it's getting very heavy rain and it will create flooding along the path and that is where it is now and let me show you the latest advisory and that is with wins of 35, and it's moving better than yesterday and only to the north- northwest at 12 miles per hour. a lot of rain widespread over louisiana and miss sippy. there are -- and mississippi and seven reports of tornados mostly in mississippi and it looks like it's taking its time through arkansas. it will take all day tomorrow and into ess miss. after going through st. louis, looks like it makes a hard right turn and goes to places like cincinnati and into west virginia. that might begin su
a first hand look from a hard hit cattle rancher in arkansas. >>> bill pruitt has been raising cattle with love and pride for years. >> every day, it's like a grandchild basically. >> which is why it's breaking his heart to see them go. >> you used to have how many? >> 234. >> 234. and how many do you have left? >> i've got 112. >> the drought has killed the grass and forced pruitt to start using up expensive winter hay. so he's selling off cattle. >> it's just a hard feeling. but you know that they'll be better off down the road where there's going to be plenty of grass for them. >> at the arkansas cattle auction, it's a buyer's market. owner randy goodman is selling more than twice as many cows as usual. and they're going for a third less than the normal price. >> a lot of the cattle has went to slaughter. that's sad. >> the lucky ones find homes in other states. gerald knapp drove 260 miles from oklahoma. when he waves his card, it means he's bidding. >> did you just buy a cow? >> yes. >> did you get a good price? >> yes. >> knapp had to sell off his own herd during last year's dro
northern louisiana, a good portion of the mississippi beginning to spill into arkansas as well. it's got winds of 35 miles per hour. it's moving off to the north, northwest at about 12 and it's about 35 miles west, northwest of monroe, louisiana. so again a tropical depression, but has plenty of moisture left. so we're still talking about heavy rains tonight over northern louisiana and heavy rains tomorrow over arkansas, pretty much the entire day. we do have a wind gust of 35 at jackson, 21 at biloxi and a wind gust of 30 at baton rouge. we'll talk about the path, has it really changed? it's going to go back into arkansas, move very slowly. even if we get into friday at 1:00 it's city going to be in northern arkansas. then it -- still going to be in northern arkansas. then it begins to accelerate into missouri to the east on saturday and making a turn to the ohio valley, but the silver lining is much needed rainfall for much of the midwest. our own scott broom joins us now live from moth point, mississippi. they're still having rescues even at this hour, correct, scott? >> reporter: ye
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people can get very creative in our country. today suck arkansas comes in at number one. the town used to be a popular drinking location for boaters on the arkansas river and the neighbors said people would actually stay there sucking on a bottle until they swelled up like a big today. here they are. climax,gogo, hooker, oklahoma and of course a maryland town, asawoman bay. i'm having ha hard time getting over today suck, arkansas. >> i would be like i'm turning around. i'm not going tlchlt here at home we're not going to be dealing with any type of todays out there. that's disgusting. but right now lots of humidity and temperatures above average. look at this 70 in manchester. 67 in rockersville. 70 in frederick. we see more 70s across the eastern shore as we come off of 70 degrees. this is what it looks like outside. right now we're starting to see that sun begin to show itself but we're also seeing some clouds out there as well. we speeng of the clouds and here we are as we take a look at the satellite part. the radar part not picking up on a whole lot of rain. one little popup show
of louisiana, it made it up here in central portions of arkansas, we no longer have any of the tornado watches, which is good. we're still dealing with bands of rain in the coastal areas. looking at this band of rain this morning, we're dealing with pretty good thunderstorms here in central louisiana. but again, the tornado threat will be a little bit lower than it was yesterday. we're getting the beneficial rains up through arkansas this morning. we can see localized flooding, but beneficial because of the drought in the area. the path of the storm in the next five days will slowly rain itself out. the heavier rain in arizona, central portions of illinois. here is a look at the current drought status across the country. and it is very dry. this bright red, this is kansas, missouri and illinois. this is the hardest hit drought areas. no relief through nebraska or oklahoma. what is next? this is the heart of our tropical season. september is actually the busier month, we have two hurricanes and a tropical storm. the hurricanes, fish storms well off the east coast, never approaching land. so lyn
, arkansas, and indiana. a few of you are going to get significant rain from isaac. this is the future forecast path. no problems with the wind but the rain will be on the east side of this. looks like arkansas, missouri, possibly illinois and indiana. we're going to see some benefits from what at this point has been a destrength uv storm. >> if you're watching us on 12 news in phoenix, arizona, discover how artists use paper as a canvas as paper at the art museum. and that's your "early today" event of the day, lynn. >>> and now here's an early look at this morning's headlines in entertainment. well, lindsay lohan's problems keep piling up. when will it end. >> you can stop reporting. >> i have no choice. yesterday lohan was banned by her favorite hollywood hotel for allegedly failing to pay a $4000 bill. tmz reports lohan thought the producers of her liz taylor lifetime movie were covering the bill. >> a misunderstanding. >> the bill itself shows some interesting charges. $686 for cigarettes and over $3,000 for the mini bar. >>> all right. after a ten-episode summer rung, fx has orde
. >> it will be moving up toward arkansas tomorrow but still today we're seeing rain. i have reports of damage in the jackson area and monroe, louisiana. trees down from this now tropical storm that far north along with the flooding concerns. when the ground is this soggy, it doesn't take nearly as much wind to blow the trees down because the ground is not holding them anymore. let's show you what's happening with isaac right now. still producing very heavy rains. the bands of rain. that's what george was referring to that continue to flow in off the gulf of mexico. the bands contain sometimes rotating thunderstorms and even isolated tornadoes. we'll continue to see that had some tornado warpgz across parts of alabama -- warnings across parts of alabama and florida. you can see the feeder bands here this continue to flow right through the gulf region and southern mississippi. heavy rains. some of the rain totals could be another six inches or so across much of the southern half of mississippi, even into parts of eastern arkansas and southern missouri over the next 36 to 48 hours. isaac continu
orleans. isaac is expected to eventually bring some much needed rain to arkansas, but louisiana will have to continue taking the brunt of the storm likely through thursday. in new orleans, i'm bigad shaban, back to you. >> coastal mississippi also going to get hammered by the flood surge and tremendous rains. we're continuously tracking hurricane isaac on 9.3, 203 on x finity and cox 805, verizon fios461. right now over to monika. she's got your timesaver traffic. >>> lots of news out on the roads as well. we're going to first take a live look from our sky 9. we've been telling you all morning long about a situation that happened after 2:00 this morning northbound on i-95 here at the fairfax county parkway in newington. it was a huge tanker fire. a deadly accident and look at what it's left for you. we've been telling you to plan early and this is why. loads of traffic northbound on i-95 with the two right lanes blocked and no ak says to the -- no access to the fairfax county parkway. we'll take another live look, this time from the ground and show what you it looks like with the equipmen
air down into kentucky, tennessee, and arkansas, we'll get strong storms. they will make their way into the drought zone including areas from arkansas to memphis, much of missouri, no rain in the forecast for you in kansas. in the east, a few storms in the northeast, but it will not be all that widespread. it looks like for even in new england area it will be very stormy. >> we'll check in now with the olympics in london now where misty may-treanor and kerri walsh submitted their title of the best beach volleyball players. they claimed the title in what was likely the pair's last match together. they finished with a perfect record of 21-0. congratulations to them. the dream team punched their ticket to the semifinals over australia. kobe bryant had 240 points in the second half, and lebron james had a triple double. so to the track now where allison got a gold medal by winning the 200 meter final last night. that runner conceded her spot so she moved on. she won in the previous olympics before breaking through for gold this time around. pole vaulting never looks safe when someone h
in little rock, case you missed ii, this company rrcorded sales last year of more than one-billion dolllrs.this is the first t-v interriew acxiom's chief scott howe says he wants to &pdoes."i think there is a misunderstanding about what we do. uhm, so, we collect data pnd we use that datt about people to give them more relevant advertising and help businesses make better decisions about marketing to those people."acxiom says it has marketing data on 144-million households in america. the raw data about indiiidual people is run &pthrough complex algorithms &plifestyle patterns. then you're grouped into a "life stage cluster." there are about 70 different groupings with names like "savvy families".it's aal perfectly legal.but pinpointing exactly how it's all done and what theyyhave isn't easy. (reporter): "do you know the numbers to my bank accounts?" "let me tell you what we know. we collect things ike contact information, demographics and your preferences on things. pretty generic things stuff. so it includes things like telephone books."(reporter): "it takes more than
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: it will move faster tomorrow but we still have rain, another 4" to 8" across mississippi and toward arkansas. here is what happened. we had such a long wind coming out of the east and it funneled the water into lake pontchartrain. now the wind has shifted. we have the lake that is full from the surge and now the winds are shifting from the southwest pummeling all the water from the lake pontchartrain to slidell. you had a band of rain go law and that will continue to happen. moving a little bit to the northwest just across the louisiana border, macomb, obviously we are worried about lake tangipahoa and if the dam breaches it cause as world of hurt below that. if they get a smaller break they think they can control it. here is the future radar, this is where we are now, we will go forward in time and the center pulls to the north tonight and tomorrow a lot of rain in arkansas. arkansas needs the rain but they will get so much, some spots could be 4" to 6 itch and you have a lot more mountains and hills and that causes flash flooding toward arkansas. that is going to be a concern further inlan
. this is a look at where the storm eventually pulls in and brings the rain. places like arkansas that need the rain, and you get to parts of the central and northern plains. we desperately need the rain. there will be some bull's eyes here in indiana, illinois and missouri that will see four to eight inches of rain. you think that is good because you have such a big drought going on, but that much rain falling in such a short time will cause some significant inland flooding. by the time we get to saturday or so here across areas of the plains we will have trouble with flooding. far inland away from the storm unfortunately. this is not just a coast ali vent. coastal event. >> the land just can't handle that much intense saturation all at once. i know you will keep an eye on it, rick. >> have i to ask rick a question -- i have to ask rick a question before we let you go. one of the earlier advisories said the storm was moving at 7 miles an hour. now i got an e-mail that it is lits rally stationary which would mean much more rainfall. how long do they anticipate or can we predict how long it
as much as 600 millimeters to fall across louisiana, alabama, mississippi, and arkansas. that's quite a lot for this region. inland flooding is also a big concern. it looks like isaac will move over louisiana into thursday and then reach arkansas by friday morning local time and then move along the mississippi river valley. heavy rain will continue. good news is it's been on the dry side across the midwest so beneficial rain for you. across the west, to the north dry and windy conditions are favorable for wildfires in the northern rockies and the plains. and temperatures are heating up. look at this. 35 degrees in chicago. 35 degrees expected in denver. but back behind it, looking seasonal. 20 degrees in vancouver as well as seattle. here's the extended forecast. >>> that's all for this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for joining us.
hit in the drought. arkansas into missouri. somewhere into little rock. the bands of rain will continue. that's two days. we won't see torrential flooding in these areas, but we will get maybe three to six inches of rain. the ground in most areas should be able to handle that. the storm will slowly die itself out over the ohio valley. here's the latest drought map zoomed in on this region. unfortunately, nebraska, kansas, oklahoma here, no rain for you. we're watching the center of that heavy rain today coming up in this general area where the drought's in the exceptional range, especially in arkansas. as far as the weather in the western u.s., we saw some storms yesterday in nevada and utah. they'll be hit and miss this afternoon. temperatures still above 100 in phoenix. nice in many areas. 88 in me in flagstaff. yakima, washington, nice day for you too. enjoy. holliday weekend forecast coming up. >> love it, bill. thanks some. >>> well, coming up, big ben finally speaks, sears gets a bounce, and the billionaire who gives to others on his birthday. your early morning busi
. and crews are working on a controlled release. isaac has now weakened. and is moving through arkansas and then missouri. over the past week, thousands have fled to shelters in several states. >> we're just waiting to try to get back home to assess the damages. >> reporter: and they still don't know when they can go home. now, oil and gas companies are also assessing the damages at refineries and oil platforms. gas prices have been going up ever since isaac's arrival. and they're slowly, now, starting to restart those operations there. rob and paula, back to you. >> abc's brandi hitt in new orleans, live for us this morning. great work all week, brandi. thank you. >>> the pentagon is threatening to take any legal action it can against the former navy s.e.a.l. who has written a book revealing details of the raid that killed osama bin laden. the pentagon's top lawyer says the s.e.a.l.'s firsthand account violates an agreement not to divulge military secrets. the book "no easy day" comes out next week and contradicts some of what the government has said about the mission. >> and the guy g
of 40 miles per hour. the storm is slowly on its journey up towards arkansas. we're hoping for beneficial ranges in these areas. the storms will be in ohio valley. 12 more hours, lynn, where damage can be done, winds, possibly tornadoes. after that it will be better. >> bill, thanks so much. >>> coming up, the economy grows, oil falls, and the place you really need to be worrying about computer privacy. your first look at this morning's business headlines is straight ahead. >>> yankees are free falling, dodgers get a lift from an unexpected source, plus lance armstrong stands up for himself. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. direct rates side by side to find you a great deal, even if it's not with us. [ ding ] oh, that's helpful! well, our company does that, too. actually, we invented that. it's like a sauna in here. helping you save, even if it's not with us -- now, that's progressive! call or click today. no mas pantalones! ♪ atmix of the world needs a broader that's why we're supplying natural gas to generate cleaner electricity... that has around 50%
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alabama headed into northern louisiana and also arkansas tomorrow. winds are still gusting, 36 mile-per-hour wind gusts in jackson, mississippi, and 32 mile-per-hour wind gust in baton rouge. the storm track will go through northern louisiana. we get into tomorrow afternoon and it's into northern arkansas. then it begins to turn off to the north and east, go just around st. louis into saturday and then it will begin to accelerate and move eastward and southeastward as we go into tuesday and wednesday of next week. that said we'll cool back and talk about even though the center is -- come back and talk about even though the center is pretty far away from us, we'll talk about the moisture we will get over the holiday weekend. >>> 23 years behind bars, that was the sentence today for university lacrosse player convicted of killing his on again off again girl friend in a drunking rage. our andrea mccarren was in the courtroom when george huguely was sentenced. she joins us now live from charlottesville. he didn't get the max, but he certainly didn't gethe least. >> reporter: no. it was
areas of oklahoma, arkansas, and missouri will cool a off. and how glorious is this? thunderstorms have erupted here right through the state of iowa. we're getting drenched this morning. we don't want severe weather but we'll take the downpours. dry once the front clears through. temperatures will be in the 70s. hopefully the other drought areas will get the rain through the oklahoma and missouri area. that's a look at your national forecast. now here's a look at the weather outside your window. so for the aechb seaboard after the active weather yesterday it goes off the coast. we're looking at nice weather. still warm into the 80s and 90s. it should be dry. even boston after a wet morning, you'll dry out. we eat keep track of the cold front. >> thanks so much. >>> well, coming up, cisco drives, a bank scandal widens, and a nike t-shirt that has critics up in arms. your early morning business headlines are straight ahead. >>> plus, the fur flies as lady gaga fires back at animal rights group peta. >>> perfection in see aelt, a giant suspension and a historic win for usa soccer. you're w
. it will eventually go up through arkansas. by the weekend, it will be threatening flood in parts of indiana. all of thisreason moisture. is now a tropical rain storm. it heads up towards the mississippi. thes still going to be in news for several days. >> thank you. we continue our coverage with pictures that are the gulf coast. the most heartbreaking the dozens of rescuers. live in a satellite center. the images are quite frankly remarkable. there are numerous reports of s higher than during hurricane katrina. rescues are expected to continue throughout the night. a the midst of isaac's howl, old's rescue boat finally made it to shore. he was grateful for dry ground. a local of a partially give way. -- levy partially gave way. everything. going to evacuate days ago but did not. >> we tried to leave and then we not. had nowhere to go. more communities are going deeper underwater. >> 50 people have been rescued far by boats and vehicle. >> dozens were plucked to safety. remarkable picture. remember the 70-year-old? this is how he got at of his home. firefighters smashed through his roof. this is
and the rain. it's still on the move. now it's pushed through tennessee and even arkansas. we're watching showers and thunderstorms through northern mississippi and alabama. a few of these have a lot of lightning strikes with them. theeft are beginning to shift through huntsville and they're on their way to birmingham and columbus this morning. nothing too severe with them, but just a lot of heavy rain. we'll take whatever rain we can get around the country. we had some showers and storms in arkansas, one clump in northeast texas but now the cool high pressure has built in. this is your fall refreshing air maas that will head through the east coast. temperatures right now are anywhere between 10 to 20 degrees cooler from kansas city to st. louis to chicago and green bay. so when you walk outside this morning throughout the midwest, you will notice a change in the air mass. i've also added the p.m. to our thunderstorm icons just for lynn berry. she was upset. she thought it was going to rain all day through new york and d.c. it's just the late afternoon, mostly toward the evening hours. th
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red and dark red are where the worst of it is right through the heartland, especially arkansas, illinois, indiana. i mention those states because those are the states that have a chance of seeing moisture from isaac and getting beneficial rain, especially arkansas into today and torcht and the next couple of days as the storm moves from missouri to the ohio valley. >> if you're watching us on 12 news in phoenix, arizona, discover how artists use paper over the years as canvas as paper at the art museum. and that's your "early today" event of the day, lynn. >> all right, bill. thanks so much. >>> and now here's an early look at this morning's headlines in entertainment. well, lindsay lohan's problems keep piling up. and we will keep reporting on them. yesterday lohan was banned by her favorite hollywood hotel chateau marmont for allegedly failing to pay a $46,000 bill. tmz reports lohan thought the producers of her liz taylor lifetime movie were covering the bill. >> a misunderstanding. >> the bill itself shows some interesting charges. $686 for cigarettes and over $3,000 for th
've thwarted his plan. >> isaac is not drifting into arkansas and missouri. -- now drifting into arkansas and missouri. hundreds of homes in louisiana and mississippi are under water. it down as much as 16 inches of rain in some areas. 500 people had to be rescued by boat. >> we did not have to deal with those kinds of conditions. there is a chance some of the tropical storm from that system could impact our weekend weather. >> downtown is expected to be a little bit more accessible compared to last year. we heard a lot of people complaining about road closures and traffic delays. he organizers said they have plenty of plans in place to make this event marked convenient for everyone. >> it was incredible, i cried as soon as i heard the engines. when i saw the cars, i cried again. >> she is a diehard racing fan am looking for to this year's grand prix. she has fond memories of last year's event. >> no arguments or anything. everything, the racing and the noise. it was fantastic. >> not everyone had the same experience. there were lots of complaints about traffic back of downtown or not eno
northwest, where it's getting close to baton rouge and up towards shreveport. and eventually in arkansas. the winds will gradually go down in these areas. >>> major stories unfolding in tampa, where mitt romney is officially the republican candidate for president. >> according to our latest poll, romney is facing major challenges among voters. t.j. winick is in tampa this morning, the site of the convention. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: good morning, rob and paula. that is right. one of the major goals of this convention, to human izmit romney. even at this late day, many voters say they just don't know that much about him. last night, we heard from the one person who knows mitt romney better than anyone. ann romney was in the spotlight tuesday night, making the case for her husband of 43 years. >> this is the man america needs. this is the man who will wake up every day with a determination to solve the problems that others say can't be solved to fix with others say is beyond repair. >> reporter: the appearance brought tears to the eyes of her sons. and republicans hope it will convi
rock, arkansas, and we were on our way for the first time in my life. he found a song, and he said, "why don't we do this in san francisco?" i said ok, and i have no idea, but there was a bartender who said, cassette and i don't mean to interrupt your rehearsal, but if you record that song, i'm going to be the first customer -- "i don't mean to interrupt your rehearsal, but if you record that song, i'm going to be the first customer." as i started singing it, the people came up and said, "you have to record the song immediately." i always thought it would be a local song in the area, but the fact that it has become such an international song throughout the world -- everybody loves it, and they love this city. it reminds me of one time when i was playing the fairmont hotel, gorbachev from russia with here and travel throughout the whole united states and in front of the company could tell, i was listening to him speak about san francisco. he said, "i traveled to every city in the united states, and i was disappointed with what i saw. there was not one city that i liked, but as far a
for months now, the serious drought cutting into the corn crop. heavy rains in arkansas, st. louis and along the i-70 corridor for labor day weekend. a silver lining but a lot of issues today. basically everything is still shut here in louisiana as far as schools and state offices. chuck, back to you. >> mike seidel in louisiana. that's the one silver lining. no people in arkansas have been looking for rain. hopefully this provides a little bit. back in tampa, mitt romney may be preparing to discuss his faith as a way to give voters a window into his soul. his running mate said while they don't share the same faith they share the same moral creed. >> mitt and i also go to different churches. but in any church the best kind of preaching the done by example. i have been watching that example. [ applause ] the man who will accept your nomination tomorrow is prayerful, faithful, honorable. >> david gregory, moderator of meet the press. i have not heard a romney surrogate better defend mitt romney's faith than that one. >> you have to talk about relij i don't say ti and not theology. that's somet
- needed rain to arkansas. louisiana will have to need take the brunt of the storm like we through thursday. >>> since i have a storm is heading to the west is no surprise that power will be out for quite a while. >>> this is a very slow-moving storm system. he conceded rotating on shore. not the strongest hurricane we'd ever seen. the idea is finally making its light weight on shore. sustained winds of 80 mi. per hour. the bad news is that is one to take about 05 the morning until the entire system is out of town. regard to see a lot of rain across that area. between the on friday may be 20 in. plus of rain. >>> we have what pictures from downtown new orleans. the winds of downtown are not at hurricane strength right now. the bid as much rain in parts of louisiana mississippi or alabama at in 48 hours a san francisco might get in the entire deal. >>> romney and poland are now officially the republican nominees for president and vice- president. it was >>> romney did his wife a hug and kiss after her speech at the republican national convention in the cupboard. and romney promised her husba
that has moved north. towards arkansas. even tournedos are still a concern. is moving about 25 mi. an hour. over the next several days said the sun at its core to move towards the midwest. some of these kids in the midwest to see anywhere from 46 in. of rain. if there's any silver lining is the desire to the drought-stricken some some of the swing will help. 51 in oakland 57 in concord mid-50s in vallejo and seven fell. >>> does the president axle and northbound hundred one. the left lane is open look of the gun and a bridge in so far so good. the city streets problems in san francisco's. there is a manager class issue on the dumbarton bridge this weekend through labor day. east of highway ft is a fearful when closure on the eastbound side. >>> the dumbarton bridges going to be close on the the day weekend. the rich world off limits to driver's pit bid >>> the main road for the weekend is to replace an existing seismic joined at this about 20 in. a movement in and a quick pit with a new larger size of a joint use the bridge and another 22 in. of movement 44 in. total. >>> the business sche
's weakening and is expected to cross arkansas and missouri tomorrow. >> reporter: as weather conditions continue to improve, officials are scrambling to evacuate tens of thousands as flood waters rise. tropical storm isaac slowly making its way inland, dropping unrereporting showers and severely flooding roads. a dam near the mississippi and louisiana border is on the verge of exploding. officials plan to release water to releave the pressure. >> we're proceeding with plans to purposely breach the levee today and now that the winds shifted, we plan to have pumps on site to dewater as well. >> reporter: they warning people not to take any chances and remain inside. >> trees are down, power lines are down. and in the interest of safety for yourself and first responders, please, please, stay in place today. >> reporter: those who decided to venture into the storm finding themselves in deep trouble. >> the current was pretty swift and carried me off throughout the roadway. >> about waist deep right now. >> reporter: nearly half of louisiana electric customers are without power and thousands
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